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Membership Types


  • Attending meetings are not required.

  • MEC events are not required.

  • Encouraged to volunteer in as many events as possible. 

  • Supporting Member dues are $20 for the entire year.


  • Must attend at least 50% of General Meetings.

  • Must attend 50% of MEC Events.

  • Volunteer in as many events as possible. 

  • Membership dues are $5 a month or $60 for the entire year.


  • Must attend 90% of Core Membership Meetings.

  • Must attend 90% of all MEC Events.

  • Must attend and help organize MEC’s conference.

  • Must pay membership dues which is $5 a month or $60 for the entire year.

  • Must give 24 hours notice that they can not attend meetings/events.

  • Must complete core duties assigned duties.

Please Note: Parents, Higher Education Students, Para Professionals membership fee $20 for the entire year.

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