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Community Agreement

As a member (core, active, and supporting), I agree to the following community statement. I support MEC because it is: 

  • Committed to working with and within the community

  • Committed to safety for all women and ending patriarchal practices (this includes zero tolerance for misogyny, sexism, and toxic masculinity)

  • Committed to the safety and support of the LGTBQ+ community

  • Committed to working with children and teens as an educator, counselor, paraprofessional, mental health worker, parent, or community organizer

  • Committed to the safety and support of children and teens in all Philadelphia schools (public, charter, and private)

  • Committed to the development of culturally responsive curriculum and professional development for all teachers

  • Committed to doing the internal work necessary to manage internalized racial oppression 

  • Committed to continuing to work in partnership with Racial Justice Organizing Committee, Black Lives Matter- Philly, and BARWE, and any other organization that supports Black Educators and families by utilizing a racial justice practice

  • Committed to working with other members in harmony and authenticity by working through conflict by listening and being authentically available

  • Committed to the uplift and celebration of Black Educators, Community Organizers, and Families

  • Committed to being an abolitionist educator


If any of the core agreements are violated, the core members will collectively determine the best course of action, which can include mediation, suspension from membership, or removal. 

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