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Mission Statement


Melanated Educators Collective was created to provide support, resources, and discussion space to Melanated educators within the city of Philadelphia. We plan to accomplish this goal by developing quality professional development sessions, mentorship programs, and events that give space for leisure and networking opportunities. 


The above initiatives will be crafted through the lens of abolitionist teaching, a pedagogy that members of our organization must utilize as the foundation of their teaching beliefs. Abolitionist teaching, according to Dr. Bettina Love is informed by critical race theory and centered around organizing for change. An abolitionist educator teaches from a place of compassion and love while also holding space for Black joy. However, abolitionist teachers have no problem with calling out racism, discrimination, or prejudice within the classroom, school, and in the larger society. 


In order for melanated teachers to continually show up for our students and communities in this way, a village will be needed. The Melanated Educators Collective’s mission is to step into the gap and make sure Black educators have everything they need to survive, thrive, and dismantle our current dysfunctional education system. 

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